Stain & Odour Removal

How We Can Reduce Your Pet Odour Problems.
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Stain Prevention

Prevention is better than cure as they say and this is especially true when it comes to your carpets and upholstery. Check our blog for frequent tips and tricks to help get the very most from your carpets.

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1. Minor Odour Treatment:

We use enzymes sprayed on each urine spot before cleaning to eat up the urine bacteria. Bear in mind that this treatment will only remove minor odours as it is only treating the surface of the carpet. You can only smell minor odours if you are on your hands and knees or on a humid day.

2. Moderate Odour Treatment:

Water claw sub surface extraction. With this process we saturate the problem area with deodoriser so that the cleaning agent soaks into the underlay. We then use the “water claw” sub surface extractor to pull the urine out. This process will reduce the odour significantly, but may or may not cure severe problems.

3. Major Odour Treatment:

Only worth doing if the pet is no longer in the home. This is a full-blown treatment which involves lifting the carpet and cleaning both sides, treating the floor and skirting boards and replacing the underlay. This treatment may not be cost effective. Note: In most cases we use the minor and moderate odour treatment procedures. We normally treat the more severe areas with the moderate treatment.

Can pet urine stains be removed from carpet and upholstery?

We have a success rate of about 60-70%. Success depends largely on how long the stain has been in the fibre. Pet urine can cause permanent damage if not removed promptly. Once the urine dries it turns from neutral to alkaline and becomes more difficult to remove, it can also change the dye structure of the fabric leaving a permanent stain. The water claw can also be used for tea, coffee, red wine and blood stains. Use of the water claw and relevant stain removal treatments are available to all clients but do incur additional charges.